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Saturday, November 14, 2009


The other day was my birthday.
Its infuriating. I am 17, but how? At last count, I was strange it is that I am two years older and yet I am not. It is a difficult thing to wrap my head around. The passage of time is always hard to wrap your head around...but especially if there is nothing to hold on to, no memories to cement the passing of time. I'm floating out in space without it.

I felt especially crappy that day. It felt like the Lyme bugs were doing it on purpose, ruining my day. Sometime the pain gets so bad that its hard to breathe.

Amy is cousin from Ontario! She is so wonderful and it is amazing to have her here (love ya!). We're hopefully going to do some fun cousin things, just hang out have fun! They are currently making carrot cake (my favorite!). I am very excited.


  1. Happy Birthday Nicole! I'm sorry to hear that it wasn't as good as it could have been. <333!

  2. Hey Nicole-
    I wanted to let you know that even as far away as we are- we had a little celebration for you- and that distance doesn't matter one bit. We miss you tons and hope that the birthday wishes came. I saw your documentary online- I am happy they finally made one- you told your story very well- and you are still as beautiful as ever.
    I miss you tons!
    Lots of love form your other half-