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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Help Fill a Dream is a Vancouver Island organization that fills the dreams of children with life-threatening conditions, and also provides financial assistance to families with sick children. They have granted over 1,900 wishes to Island kids!! They are a fantastic group of hardworking, big-hearted people, who have helped me and my family enormously over the past few years. They are certainly a can-do organization. Recently, they had their big 'Rink of Dreams' fundraiser, which is a 24 hour hockey marathon! A really nice girl about my age named Rachael and I were asked to be honorary captains, to drop ceremonial puck together- how cool is that? There was a rehearsal a while ago, where I got to meet everyone, and see how things were going to go and all, and yesterday was the big finale of the fundraiser. Amazingly, a company called MacQuarie Group matched the donations, and HFAD was presented with a check for  $80,000 (with hopefully another $20,000 en route, bringing the final total to $100,000!). I have no doubt this will quickly be turned into a whole lot of wishes.

Check presentation ceremony :D.
I had no idea wheelchairs could go on the ice, but apparently it is no problem. Before I was sick, I was a pretty poor ice skater, but could manage by holding on to two people and constantly falling or nearly doing the splits. Lets leave it by saying that I lacked control, and had to run into things to stop. I've never played real Canadian 'ice' hockey, but loved field hockey at my old school, and what I lacked in skill I made up for in enthusiasm.

The whole thing was just a whole lot of fun, and exciting. I didn't stay very long, because I was feeling so poorly, but enjoyed watching all the costumed characters unfolding the ginormous flag for the singing of 'O Canada'. I think the people were in costumes partly because the most popular wish request is a trip to Disney Land :D. Very cute.
Darth Vader, alongside Princess Leia, Snow White and Captain Jack Sparrow.


  1. Hi Nicole,
    What a great write-up on our event and our thanks again for your participation and support even while you were not feeling well.

  2. Nicole! Good work!
    What an honour to be involved with the ceremony. You do look quite official there, not to mention the red carpet treatment. ;) I remember when we had our ice skating sessions during the days at Otis... the ice won- multiple times. At least you can say that you went 4-wheeling on ice now. If that isn't hardcore, then we have another ice skating session coming up next time I see you! Hope you were able to recooperate after all the action. Miss you and wish you well- keep active! ( my friends are amazed by the cupcake you knitted me. I printed out a picture- just to show what an amazingly talented friend I have. Did you have a pattern for it or did you use your genius sense of creatvity?)