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Monday, February 15, 2010

Stitch With It

I have had, like, the most productive day of life today. For the past week, I have been diligently knitting a sweater, just a basic Stockinette stitch pull-over, but today finally came to terms with the fact that my size 'medium' sweater had somehow morphed into a 1x Large. Not cool. The middle was going to be about double the size. So, having almost finished the back of the sweater, I took it ALL OUT! Thats right, all of those rows!! 97 stitches PER ROW. It took me 23 minutes...I made a video so in case I come to my senses later, I can only blame myself, and have proof.

The sweater was/will-be-again a color LionBrand calls 'Violet', but which is no where near close. I would call it a deep, periwinkle blue-y-purple-y color, a name fit for Crayola.

I can barely feel my hands, they are so tired from pulling out yarn. I am still grieving over my exsweater.  It  is/was a project I was working on for my Textiles course through SIDES. We (Lisa, my EA and I) just finished making a fuzzy felted pillow! It is beautiful! Next we are going to work on a skirt...I think it will be just beautiful!


  1. Hi

    Sorry to hear you had to frog (the technical term for pulling out your knitting like that) your sweater. It can be such a sad thing to do. But that's one of the things I love most about knitting; if what you are making offends you, you can take it out and start again. It's like it has a magic undo button built right in. I wish Lyme was like that.

    If you need any knitting support or company, feel free to get in touch.

    Happy crafting.

  2. Sorry to hear... I'm currently coming to terms that my 10-year afghan (yes, I've been knitting squares slowly over the last 10 years)is going to look terrible when I put all the squares together. How can one follow a pattern and yet the squares turn out all different sizes?! I blame the pattern and will embrace its lumpiness if and when I finally get it together!

    Love Ya Cuz!