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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Walk On.

When I was young, I never considered it, but I just assumed that the world would walk on forever, and nothing would change. That I could always walk down the local streets and laugh with friends and nothing would change. I figured that there are things in life that just can't change, because they shouldn't. I figured that will power alone could keep change at bay.

Of course, I was young. The world walked on, but took a new path, and it takes a new route through time every day. How can you keep up if you are not abreast of these changes?

Today I feel sick sick sick. Low. I could stare across the room blankly forever, happy to just be still and not think. A few of my blood counts are low, so we are stopping the drugs for a day, and then we'll pick them back up after I've been tested again. Lucky me :P.

The days pass by in mostly the same ways. We go places, and occasionally see people, but I hope we can see more. I miss everyone so much. It's tiring doing things, but I like it better than doing nothing...

The thoughts aren't stringing together right today, the words not flowing off my tongue. I feel lethargic and heavy. Tomorrow it will be better, it always is.


  1. hey nicole,

    i know, life is a bitch! but we gotta fight back, otherwise, it wins. keep up the attitude and i'll see you as often as i can if that helps you through!

    love you!! xoxoxo

    ~ Lisa P.

  2. Hi Nicole,

    so sad to hear you are feeling down, you have been through so much. What a daunting thing this is that you are fighting. Keep your chin up.
    I hope we can see you and your mom soon, I will send her a note to see when would work for you guys.
    xx Emma