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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Le Cow

It snowed two days ago, and it's already melting. It makes it seem warmer and brighter outside, and very fresh. We had about 6 inches when it first fell, but now there is like (okay and this is a really rough guess, cause like I suck at guess-measuring!) 2 or 3 inches. It's pretty, but makes it kinda hard to get around with the wheelchair, another unforeseen snow complication. My list of reasons not to like snow (you East Coasters know!) is growing! 

We found a baby Holstein cow and now it's living it our living room and it's so cute, with his little pink nose and baby horns. I haven't named him yet, but all with good time. I'm dead serious, there's a cow in our living room! I did lightly exaggerate when saying he was alive, but he's life sized, and really, its just a small difference, a technicality! We found him with a bunch of stuff waiting to be thrown out in our apartment complex, and decided that he needed to be adopted ASAP. It kinda surprises me every time I look up because the last thing I expect to see is a cow across from me!


  1. teehee! cows! they're so cute, yet they've got the IQ of a pineapple! but they are still very cute!

    wasn't there some sort of cow obsession with our grade a few years back? something with like Devon's mom?

    hey guess what, it's snowing here too as i'm writing this! i know what ur thinking... 'snow? in Victoria? NEVER!!' but it's true! oh course it will melt in like half and hour and there's not very much, but there is some serious flakage!

    oh and btw, 'cow' in french is 'vache'... i think.

    stay strong!
    ~ Lisa xoxoxo <3

  2. Hey!
    You know, funnily enough, I sent Claire with a baby cow for you :D
    Now you'll have two cows!

    It stopped snowing in Victoria. Now it's just windy. :P
    And yes Lisa, 'cow' in French is 'vache'. :D
    Keep smilin there chappie!

    Sarah <3